Friday, October 2, 2009

Hiking During Huntin' Season

We would rather pwetend there is no such thing as huntin' season but coz of hiking, we has to be more careful while hiking now that huntin' season is here. These hunters shoot one anudder all the times, wot is to stop them from shooting us by accidents?

It used to be rilly easy - no huntings allowed on Sundays in New Jersey. But they went and changed that this year. The laws is so confoosing and komplikated they is impossible to figure out. (Not to mention mom gets rilly upset hasing to read wot kind of animal can gets hunted by wot method in wot park on wot days...) So mom emailed the New Jersey Department of Fish and Wildlife and they writed back it is not all parks and sented her a linkie wot shows which parks still does not allow huntings at all on Sundays.

So wot we worries bout is if'n we and udder hikers is hasing a hard time figuring this out, wot's to say the hunters will get it rite? So mom gotted me a blaze orange "no huntin' me" vest wif nifty pawkets on the sides where I can carry stuffs on our hikings. (This is the udder package wot I menshuned camed in the mails yesterday.) Plus it is insulated so it will keep me warm in the cold winter. Unless, of course, I forget I has it on and I goes swimming. Wot do you think the odds are that will happen?

So during huntin' season we can only do hikes on Sundays in some parks but I will still has my vest on to be safe. If'n it is supposed to rain on Sunday and we wants to go on Saturday instead, we could goes to Harriman State Park in New York where huntings is never allowed. But look at their dog rules:

Wot the .....????? And yesterday when we hiked into New York from New Jersey, we readed the sign on the twee and it said the same thing:

We was skeered the muzzle pawlice was going to jump out from behind a twee at us and we could not wait to hike back over into New Jersey! I has been hiking in New York afore but I never knowed about this.

I did some more digging and I founded this ordinanace in the very town I lives in:

All I can say is, in all my years of hiking and walking in the town I lives in I has never seen a dawg wif a muzzle on unless it was a vishus dog and that was only 1 time and not even in my town.

This is ridiculous and as you can tell by the look on my face, I is not participating, thank you. In my town it is prolly an old law wot is not enforced but I dunno if that is the same in New York. If'n we get putted in muzzle jail, you all come bail us out, k?


  1. Me and mama hate the thought of hunters and what they do. We just recently moved to PA (Bucks County). We think there may be hunting here too. Also, we are very close to NJ.

    We hope that you and your mom are very careful on your hikes. I'm glad you got that orange vest!

    No muzzles for you, Shawnee. Yes, we will bail you out if you get caught.



  2. Shawnee, please be careful. Don't want you getting hurt. Muzzle? really? but you is a good doggie!!

  3. YIKES!

    Mom threatens to get one fur me so she khan groom me longer but that is just wrong!

    I think woo look sportin' in your orange!

    Please be furry furry khareful!


  4. I know you and your mom will be very careful out there. You look pretty snazzy in your orange vest!

    And the muzzle? Not so much... If the muzzle police do get you, you just let us know.

  5. Whollly, molley!!! Muzzles, hunters - don't let the 'man' get you down!!! Silly old outdated rules about muzzles; but glad you are taking precawtions with the orange!! You look good in orange, and that's not something you hear every days!!!

  6. i can tells u not likin dat muzzle. wot iz up wif dat stoopid laws! dey not say kittehs need muzzles i go n put da bitey on dey fur u!

  7. Can you show them your Good Citizen certificate? Surely good citizens don't need silly muzzles!

  8. Hi Shawnee!!
    Roger has an orange vest, too! When we visit my folks in NH we go for The Big Fun with Grandpa, running around in corn fields, but there are marshes with duckies & geese in the area, so he wears it. I'm going to be putting up pictures from last weekend's visit in my blog soon, but here's a pic of Rog in his vest!