Thursday, October 29, 2009

Getting Reddy for Howloween!

First foster sisfur Buttons needed to go to the beeooty pawlor coz her furs woz getting wild and crazee. Here is the afore and after pikshurs:

Our good groomer fwend AnneMarie at Reigning Cats and Dogs Salon in Westfield, NJ does such a wunnerful job on our reskoo pals. And not only did she make Buttons beeootiful, she gibbed Buttons a Howloweenie kostoom fwom her store!

Now I can wear my big bad wolf kostoom and Buttons can be a little piggie. Buttons even makes snorting piggie sounds so it be very realistic. I is so sorry Dixie and Sydney but Reigning Cats and Dogs did not has piggie kostooms wot would fit you two. Udderwise we could be the three little piggies and the big bad wolf.

So while Buttons was at the beeooty pawlor, the toys all needed grooming too coz Buttons is always nomming on them and if'n even I say they woz getting stinkee, trust me, they woz getting stinkee.

Of course, not being around her beloved toys all day, Buttons was hasing toy withdrawals. Thank goodness the toys were all done wif grooming afore Buttons camed home so she could dive rite in...


  1. Buttons's new haircut is so adorable! And that piggy costume is just the cutest thing ever. So precious! I love it.

  2. Buttons you're the cutest piggy in the universe! Looking a bit sad there. I understand. it's no fun wearing costume... BOL
    I think we're getting addicted to her cute little nose.
    Buttons and her toys...BOL
    umm...big bad shawnee know we love you, right?

  3. Buttons looks younger with her new haircut and grooming. She looks sooooooo cute in her piggie costume. You look cute too, Shawnee, in yours. You and Buttons will get a ton of attention on Halloween. Buttons is so cute with all her toys. Good to hear they're all clean and fresh.


  4. Wow, she's khleans up pretty doggone well!

    Great khostumes too!


  5. oooo nose buttons duz haz da pig virus! n it did turned hers into a piggy!

    dat bad wolfie not askeered of swine flu huh? Guess herz can huff n puff it aways.

    U two iz beary beary cutes in ur costumes.

  6. OMG Shawnee! I thought you were a real wolf! Great costume! And Buttons is a very convincing Piggy! You should win Oskars or something!

    And dude, that's a lot of toys! I'm very impressed!!