Sunday, October 18, 2009

Feeding A Bunny Wot Won't Nom

Coz the wevvers today was icky we did not do hikings. So instead I will shows you how to make a bunny nom when her not wants to nom.

So this is how we wants to see Penelope, sitting in her hay box nomming on hers Timothy hays, meadow grasses and botanical grasses. She is starting to do it again but not enough yet. If'n you remember, in my last bloggie I writed that foster bunny Penelope woz in the hospital coz her was not nomming. Penelope had an operashun to be spayed last Tuesday. Our V-E-T does not spay bunnies coz it is diffrent than spaying kittehs and dawgs so mom had to find a vet wot would spay bunnies wot cost less than, is you reddy for this, $600 - YIKES! We did finded a surgeon wot spays bunnies for $250. Turns out the operashun was done very gud but they should has gived mom pain meds for Penelope and they did not. When a bunny has owies, they will not nom so that is why Penelope would not nom after the operashuns. So then Penelope gotted dehydrated, the poops stopped coming out and gotted clogged up inside and it just turned into a big mess wot can make a bunny ded. The offishul term for this is "GI stasis." Mom taked her to the exotics V-E-T where they knows all bout bunnies. They keeped her in the hospital for 2 days to get her digestshuns and plumbings moving again. So now she is starting to eat on her own but we still has to make her get some noms in until she is eating normally. And gess wot, we ended up spending over $600 anyways! But wot could we does? We could not let Penelope be ded, that is for shore!

So Penelope is hasing antibiotics twice a day, pain meds once a day and noms three times a day. All those noms wot you sees in syringes to the rite is one meal, all of that 3 times a day. That's a lot of noms! So first you has to catch the bunny. Penelope is feeling better and knows that noms is coming in the syringe, and she can run away rilly, rilly fast. Then you has to be rilly careful how you handles a bunny or you can brakes their backs! OK, mom finally caughted Penelope and putted her on the towel. Mom takes a minute to catch her brefs.

Then Penelope gets wrapped up like a burrito. (Sydney thinks she is hasing bunny burrito for dinner - NOT!) Then you puts your fingers under the bunny's chin wif your thumb on top of hers head so you can moves hers head around when the bunny not wants to moves her head. (See Penelope giving mom the stink eye?)

Because it takes too many hands to hold the bunny still while squirting the noms in we cannot get a pikshur of it so I shall demonstrate the proseedure using myself. First you put the syringe in the bunny's mouf if'n you can find the mouf while hanging your hed upside down to find it. My mouf is much easier to find so do not be fooled by how easy this looks.

Then you squirt a wittle bit at a time into her mouf thusly:

You knows you is finished when there is more noms on the table, towel and on the bunny than there is in the bunny's tummy. (And the bunny shows a smirk of satisfakshun for a battle well fout.)

But no pwoblem. Just return the bunny back to the cage and let the bunny has a baf!

So Penelope is doing rilly gud and should be back to her usually nomming in a couple more days. Good thing coz this is not funs for any of us!


  1. I am hope the bun will be ok... baby bro and co-blogger Pickles passed away today ='(
    We are so sad...


  2. Shawnee,
    Your mom has her hands full quite literally. I hope Penelope does start eating on her own in a few days. That's a lot of work and expense! It's too bad that the first vet didn't give her pain meds. It looks like you're a great help as always to your mom. :)


  3. My furiend Ludo has bunnies -

    I'm sure he'd like to see Penelope doing so furry well!

    Sorry it was still wet where woo are - I had some sun AND got three walks!


  4. Penelope is so cute. She looks so soft too. Glad to hear she's getting better. I never lived with bunny. I chase wild ones whenever I can.
    I love when you demonstrate something using yourself. heheh
    and BOL at bunny burrito! Poor sydney.

  5. Hey Shawnee,

    I think it is great that you are giving this bunny a chance. Not everyone thinks animals are worth all the trouble and $$$. You obviously have great humans.

    Hoover BPD (Battery Powered Dog)

  6. Poor bun bun! Glad herz haz a gud nurse likes u ta halp wif da feedings.

    Do nots let dat Sydney noms on dat cute bunny burritos!

  7. Great demonstrating, Shawnee! I wondered how you feed a bunny what won't nom. That's how the vet has fed me before when I refused to eat there.

    Mom has to give me medicine twice a day in a syringe like that. I do my best to get more on the carpet than in my mouth!



  8. Hurro Shawnee, Khyra sent me over to check out your bunny friend. I has a bunny brother and sister and we know all about the troubles of GI Stasis. My sister has had it a couple of times. You doing a great job with Penelope and we really glad to meet someone caring for a bunny who wont nom so well!!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  9. that was a highly hedyoucayshonal blog Shawnee, phanks

  10. Shawnee, this was a great lesson on bunny nomming! I know it's serious business, but I chuckled the whole way through!

    I think I've seen that same mess trying to give Pimp medicine before with a syringe... Haha.

  11. Poor Penelope bunny. Hope she starts to feel better.

  12. Poor bunny friend! Not wanting noms?? She must have felt like crap.

    How did those bunny noms taste? Your bunny friend is really cute!