Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Mini Hike With The Famblee

There is a hiking trail rilly close to our house wot runs through a narrow strip of woods along the river. You would think you was in the wilderness if'n you could shut your ears off and not hears all the cars. But you cannot see the houses or cars coz the trail is down a hill. We has seen deer, groundhogs and red foxes there afore. The trail is only about 3/4 of a mile long so out and back makes 1 1/2 miles, purfekt for my sisses wot cannot hike as far as I can. So today the boy was available which meant we could all go at the same time! We loaded the whole famblee up in the car to drive just a few miles to the trail. Mom and I could walk there but it would be too far for the udders.

There was much excitements in the car. We all barreled out of the car and there was some confushuns at first about who was going to walk with who...

We finally decided foster dog Buttons and I would walk wif mom and Dixie and Sydney would walk wif the boy. But Buttons was so slow and I cried the whole time coz the udders was so far ahead. Can you see them way far away ahead of us?

They finally stopped and waited for us to catch up.

Then we tried to stay togedder better coz I was giving mom a hedake wif my crying and carrying on...

At the end of our famblee mini hike, we taked a group pikshur:

And then we tolded the boy thank you for going along so we could all goes on a hike togedder, which we donnot gets to do very often.

It mite be the first hike in the woods wot foster sis Buttons ever had and she liked it lots!


  1. Tank woo fur sharing this special Famblee Hike!

    I bet all of woo had such FUN!


  2. This is so great. It sounds like you had a great day! You all look so excited to all be riding in the car together. I'm glad Buttons got this chance for her first hike too. You all look so pretty in your group pikshur!

    Many purrs to you and your mom,


  3. Oh very cool! Love that you all got to go together, great group pic!!!!

  4. My mommy and I LOVE your blog Shawnee! Always fun and interesting and the prettiest piccies.
    I would like to put your blog in my fave linkys ok?
    I have a message for you in my newest blog entry =)

    PS, Ifn my mommy took us kitties for a hike it would be chaos. You doggies are better hikers ;)

  5. We are so happy that all of you gots to go all at once an' especially happy and glad that Buttons went along because a new exPURRience is wonderful for making a well-rounded canine☺