Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lebanon Valley Rail Trail (Colebrook - Mt. Gretna - Lawn, PA)

So today we wented to Pencilvania to does wot is called a Volksmarch on the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail. There was one 10K walk from Colebrook to Mt. Gretna and anudder 10K walk from Colebrook to Lawn and we did both for a total of 20K or 12.5 miles! But for the first 10K part, we wented with Twitter fwends wot lives in Pencilvania! @BorisKitty was supposed to has come but you know how kittehs is about hiking. So instead he sented his Human2 with @EdgardaKitty! Do you see Edgar in the mailbox?

I gaved him a ride on my back.

And we sawed a witch hanging in the tree. I think mebbe the witch was hanging there coz it is getting to be almost howloween.

All of a suddens we saw a laydee walking towards us and it looked like she had 4 doggies. We was thinking wot a brave laydee to walk 4 doggies all by herselfs. Then we heared bells ringing and we thoughted that not sound like bells a doggie would has. Then we heared "BAAAAAA BAAAAAAAA" OMD! She was walking 2 dogs and 2 GOATS!

It was way exciting! I snifted both of the goats but they was getting skeered so mom made me stop. Guess I comed on a little too strong. Sorry goats - I was just way over the top with excitements and I had never smelted goats up close and pursonal afore!

Boris Kitty's Human2 pointed out to me wot poison ivee looks like. Her tolded me if'n I runs in it and mom touches me, it can give her bad itchies so I should watch for it and not let it touch my furs.

When we gotted back to our cars, Edgar da Kitty and I rested for a bit...

...and Human2 gaved me some cookies wot her broughted for me and some special toys. That was so nice of her.

We should has a big round of applawds for Human2 coz it is the firstest time ever that she has walked 6 miles! She did a grate job and she can go wif us any time! Yay Human2!

So we sayed good-bye and mom and I did the udder 10K walk. I sawed some horsies on a farm...

And some pritty Pencilvania countryside...

And then... Wot is this? Anudder fwend wot wants to climb on me?

She was just getting ready to climb up on my paw when mom had to pick her up and put her in the grasses coz a bisikel was coming and mom was askeered he would squish her.

Then we saw an elderly man standing off to the side looking through the weeds. He asked us if we had seen a kitteh. No, we had not. He tolded us how for two years he has been coming down to feed and water this kitteh every day. Two years ago a laydee in a house nearby wot is a saikiatrist had the kitteh and after the kitteh peed on papers on her desk twice, she put the kitteh outside and would not let her inside any mores. So now this elderly man takes care of the kitteh. No sooner did he finish telling the story when voila - the kitteh appeared! But she was not coming close to me - no way, no how! See how she is giving me the stink eye? (I is way at the top of the pikshur with the elderly man.) Well, you can't see it but trust me, she woz.

So then when we finished I gotted to see my fwend Autumn again. She had been hanging out at the registrashun table wif her dad and I seened her every time we passed by the table. Now we gots to visit for a few minutes while mom talked to hers dad. Autumn is a reskoo doggie too. She was adopted from a shelter 3 years ago when she was 2 years old. She is very nice and she gets to does 12 miles hikes every weekend just like I do. We was whispering hiking sekrits in the pikshur.

So whew, long bizzy excitements day! And we satted in traffiks on the NJ Turnpike for a gabillion hours coming home so it was alreddy dark outside. I think I needs some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.................


  1. What an awesome day. I always love seeing all your pictures and learning about your hikes. I don't have anything like that down here in South Florida!

    And how cool that @BorisKitty's human2 came along for a little, too!

  2. Woo khame to Pawsylvania and woo didn't khall me?


    I'm glad woo had a nice time - the weather was BEAWOOTIFUL!


  3. Excellent story Shawnee. You are so lucky havin such big walkies. I usually walks only for an hour and then sleeps the rest of the day. Its cos I has little legs. Oh well.

  4. Hi Shawnee, You were in my neck of the woods yesterday. Sounds like you had a great day. I can't believe you saw goats! That's amazing that the lady walks them. I don't know Edgar da Kitty but he sure is cute. Can't say I blame the kitty for not wanting to get too close but that's only cuz she doesn't know you. She doesn't know what a good, sweet doggie you are. Mamma and I enjoyed your pictures and adventure as usual.



  5. We are so happy that you met some goats. We have never smelled any and can only imagine the funs our snooters would have sniffin' them.

    We is sad to hear 'bout the outside kitty cuz our momma feels really sads when she hears 'bout folks who don't cuddle and love their pets furever and furever. We hope that the man found the kitty so he could feed it soons so it wouldn't be hungry.

  6. What the crap are goats?? They look kinda funny!!

    It looks like a fun trip...don't worry, I get stink eye from the kitties all the time...and they live with me. Sigh. Kitties are weird.

  7. human2 did barely survive da walkies n herz did only do half of wot u did.

  8. pawesome adventure!!! I love reading your stories. Edgar is so lucky to have come out to go hiking with you! I bet Boris is jealous now, wishin he came for da fun!

  9. I can't tell you how MUCH I enjoy your blog. We don't have nice hikey places here and Iam blind anyway but you describe the fun stuffs so good it's like Iam there!

  10. sounds like u and human2 had a pawsome time! Luv the article!