Friday, October 16, 2009

Surprise Mail for Me and Buttons!!!

The doorbell ranged today and it was the man in the brown twuck wot brings us stuff all the times. There was a box wot said it was for me and foster dog Buttons!

It camed from @LexiLouDog over in Illinois! She is a shih tzu just like Buttons, same age and everything! She sented dog toys, kitteh toys, wabbit toys and even birdie toys and a donashun for the reskoo group. That was so very, very nice! There was a card inside:

And it sayed
Hi Shawnee!
You said we could send Buttons a new toy but I think Mom got carried away! Could you help Buttons pick her favorite out? Then maybe share with your sisters and any other fosters?....
Well, say no more. Buttons dived rite in:

In the movie you will notice Sydney in the background staring at Penelope, the foster bunny's cage coz Sydney is a mouser and wants to nom on Penelope. Well, joke is on her coz Penelope woz not in there coz Penelope is in the hospital rite now. She was spayed this week but would not eat, pee or poop for two whole days afterwards so mom had to take her to the exotics V-E-T yesterday and they is keeping her a couple of days to get her better. Bunnies is like that sometimes after hasing operashuns but it was very important she get spayed. If bunnies is not spayed, 85% will has girl cancers wot makes them ded by the time they is 4 years old and we not want that to happen to Penelope. She is doing fine and should come home tomorrow. And she will has a new bunny toy from Lexi-Lou waiting in her cage for her when she comes home!

Now Lexi-Lou had sayed I should has Buttons pick out a fave toy so I letted her take them all out, nom on them and wallow in them and pick which one she liked the best. Do you think you knows which one Buttons pickted? I numbered the dog toys wot Lexi-Lou sented so you can vote to see if you knows which one it woz. The answer is after the poll but no cheatings! Voting first then you can peek to see wot toy Buttons pickted!

CLICK HERE TO SEE WOT TOY BUTTONS PICKTED!!!!! (And after you sees it, you can hits you browser back button (not Buttons) to come back here, k?)

And Buttons would like to say somefing to Lexi-Lou. I will translate for the hoomans after you see her message.

Here is wot Buttons sayed:

Hi Lexi-Lou! Thank you very much for the wonnerful toys you sented. I had such fun picking one out. I gots to try them all so I could pick my fave and I founded it. I will think of you every time I nom on it. A gabillion thanks to you and your mommy! Love, Buttons.


  1. Hi Shawnee,

    At first, after seeing the first movie, I thought Buttons wasn't going to pick just one. She was going crazy looking at them all. That was funny how Sydney was staring at Penelope's cage wagging her tail thinkin' she was gonna get some bunny noms. I hope Penelope will be ok by tomorrow. You got a great box of gifts from your friend!


  2. Yeah! I guessed right. I thought she'd like that toy 'cause it was the loudest one and the easiest to squeak. (I saw the video of her playing with that pink piggie toy!)

    Buttons -- glad you like the toys. Have fun, friend!

  3. How nice!

    It surely looked like Buttons had a blast!

    Tank woo fur sharing all the fun with us!

    PeeEssWoo: I had the kholour of the toy khorrekht!

  4. I was gonna pick green duckie when I saw the frog! It was bigger...*sigh* hey I got the color right though. heheheh
    wowzaa Look at all the toys! that is sooooo sweet of Lexi-Lou!
    Buttons so cute soon she's gonna have paparazzi following her everywhere!
    oh btw thanks for the tip! *mischievous wink*

  5. I picked close!!! I've got my eye on that duck, OMD!!!! Buttons is so cute, and was having sooo much fun! I sure hope your bunny gets that boo boo fixed up. What a fun day!

  6. Oh, how fun! That's not what toy I picked. I thought she'd like #7.

    You guys were lucky to get such a bunch of good toys!

  7. Wow Buttons iz gettin spoilt at u house!