Thursday, October 1, 2009

Supwize Pwezzies In The Mails!

OMD! Unexpekted mails today when I got home from hikings! The white package is something wot mom ordered for me and I blog about that later. But the brown package is a big surpwize! It is fwom my fwend Boris! Oh, Boris you does know how to makes us dawgs happy!

Look Sydney, Boris sented us TOYS and TREATS!

Uh oh. I think we just gotted shutted out by foster dog Buttons...

Boris, you done gone and maded foster dog Buttons so happy. She luvs that SNL Talking Mr. Bill toy so much she is using him as a pillow for her naps. I think when Buttons gets adopted we has to send Mr. Bill wif her.

In the meantimes, I has absconded wif the Real Mad Cow and is using him as MY pillow for my after hikings nap in my hidey spot.

We hasn't played wif the Humunga Tongue yet so we save that for anudder day coz we is so tired from playing wif the udder toys. We tooked pikshurs of the MeteorLight Disco Ball. That is SO pawsome but the pikshurs don't does it justiss, we needs to do a moovie so you can see the colors changing. I will has mom do that soon if'n she can do that in the dark. Thank you so very much Boris. You is such a kind kitteh to think of us and send us the most pawsome toys!


  1. Woo soooo skhored!

    A MR BILL?????

    Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I iz so glads u liked da toys wot I did sends! I shopped n shopped fur dem til ma paws ached -- MOL! I just luv dat ball but it too big fur me (human2 haz one wot herz plays wif n herz not even a dawg!)

    Well dat mad cow just seemed ta fits da bill since u sekurity team hads ta savey da moo-cow-kitteh Boris from being akuzed of cow tippin.

    dem utter ones iz just fur funs! So glad da foster doggy did find sumfin herz did likes too!

    I can no wait ta sees u playin wif dat tongue -- hee hee.

  3. You and Sydney look so cute looking in the box of goodies. I think Buttons stole the show, though, with her Mr. Bill. You look sweet with your mad cow. Looking forward to hearing about the other package "wot mom ordered."


  4. Buttons sure is enjoying Mr. Bill. Boris you made B a happy pup!

  5. Yay! Concats on your new toys and treats, I luvs all da pictures.


  6. Buttons is so cute it should be illegal! BOL
    Whoever gets to adopt her is gonna be one of the luckiest humans...

  7. Shawnee -- please stop posting so many cute pictures of Buttons because they make my Mom want to adopt her really bad. I'm afraid Mom's going to drive all the way to New Jersey to pick her up. Now, I certainly want Buttons to have a good home...but I don't want to share my Mom! I'm a one-doggie-only sort of Shih Tzu.

    I'm gonna have to talk to Mom about this, too.

    *tail wags*