Thursday, October 1, 2009

Long Pond Ironworks State Park (Hewitt, NJ)

I hiked from New Jersey to New York today. Rilly, I did. You will see. We started our hike at the Long Pond Ironworks State Park. Mom is on vakashun from werks this week so we hiked today on a Thursday. We never sawed any udder peeples the whole hike! Guess they was all werking.

We hiked wot is in hawt pink, for about a total of about 11 miles but we has to guess for part of it. Mom is very upset coz her lost her fave pedometer wot cost $40 on the hike today. We backtracked but could not finds it :(

At the beginning of the hike, we saw lots of interesting historikal things. Back in 1766 this German iron maker man brought peeples over from Germany (like where my kin is fwom) to make iron stuffs. Now there is just some rawks left.

Check out this tree! It bended over and maded a hole for us to walk thru!

We climbed up to some seenik overlooks wot was rilly nice.

Then remember I told you we hiked to New York. Here it is, see...

I is in New Jersey--------------I is in New York:

It is prolly too little to see but that white sign up high on the tree trunk, it say "NY/NJ" to show the border is rite there by the tree. And you can see on the map above where we hiked in NY.

Then we passed by this swamp:

We saw these paw prints:

We think it is rakoon prints:

Then all of a sudden we heared a lowd noise! Wot was it? It was two teenager swans goofing off and hasing fun times wif one anudder! We had never seen swans playing afore. It was pawsome! They was not skeered of me or mom at all and let us take pics of them rilly close. This was the mom with the kids and the dad was there too but did not fit in the pikshur.

The historikal area is also where we founded all of the litters today coz so many peeples visits there and leaves their trash. We picked it all up on our way back to the car since we had to pass back by there again. I don't think that Germany man from 1766 would has liked this at all!


  1. Shawnee - you one good hiker - NJ to NY wow!!! I saw swans once, but they didn't want me near, I like to herd 'em and they don't like that. Cool place, was the weather cool out?

  2. WOW!

    That is so khool!

    I think that is where our special furiend Laska lives!

    I khan see now why he was able to hide out fur a week befure he let Sam find him!

    She told us she khould leave food at the khage she left fur him with some of her khlothes: she didn't want the BEARS to get it!

    What a pawesome hike!

    Tank woo furry much fur sharing!


  3. Wow, you did a great hike again...i love the ny to nj pic! That's great that your mom is off from work so you two can have more adventures!

    Head taps,