Thursday, February 18, 2010

Afternoon Snack Time

Sumtimes we gets an afternoon snack. Coz of all of this teef brushing mom has us doing for Johann's Toofer Challenge she has been gibbing us more afternoon snacks coz we is doing so well wif the toof brushings. It's our reward for our cooperashuns. Eggsept for yesterday Sydney could not wate to get hers snack and when mom reached for the toofpaste to reload for brushing the teefs on the udder side of my mouf, the toofpaste was GONE! It disappeared in thin airs! Mom runned thru the house looking for the toofpaste and this is where she founded it:

Yes, Sydney had swiped it in hers mouf and woz trying to make for the back door wif it when mom intercepted. Can you believe she even posed while mom grabbed the camera? It does has chickun flavored toofpastes in it so Sydney mite has thought she would has it as hers snack. But she seened the error of hers way and gibbed it up when mom tolded her to.

Anyway, today we nommed on cow ears for our afternoon snack. Yum.

We all goes to separate corners of the howse and does not leaves our spaces until efurryone is finished so there be no food ishoos amungst us. Mom does not has to tell us to do this, we knows the drill and we disperse accordingly once we has posseshun of the goods.

I prefer to has privacy and wated until mom woz done wif the camera to nom on mine in my hidey spot, which is where I take all my snack to nom on them:

Dixie wented into the libing room where the boy keeps his bike. That is coz mom has to remodel the libing room and there is nuttin else in it rite now. It woz the bunny's room afore she got adopted last week. Oh, did I forget to menshun that? Yes, Penelope woz adopted and now has a new brudder named Joey. Here they is getting to know each udder in their new home and Penelope's new mom reports that after week 1 it is going very well. The bunnies is now hasing their veggie snacks togedder. They is both "fixed" so no worries, there will be no addishuns to the bunny overpopulashun crisis.

So anyway, back to Dixie's nomming place, former libing room /then bunny room/now bike storage and Dixie's nomming room.

And Sydney taked her's into mom's office which is where she always takes hers noms.

Now you mite notice Sydney's canine teefs look horribuls. That is coz in her past life somefing happened to fracture off all 4 of those teefs, tops and bottoms, and she had to has root canals done. That is why they look all icky.But they feel fine to her and she akshually likes to has her teefs brushed so there is no owies in her mouf. And boy, can she nom hers snacks!

And I want to thank efurryone for helping me choose a pikshur for the Yaktrax contesty. Efurryone's input was grate and much appreciated (not to menshun lots of funs)! Mom is going to submit pritty soon. She has a kweshun for Yaktrax and is waiting for them to answer her afore she send the pikshur in but we has till the end of the month. I will keeps you posted!


  1. I wonder if I khould have one of those fur dessert?


  2. I love your nomming pics. you guys are so cute nomming...nom nom nom.
    Yay for penelope! She and Joey look so cute together :o)
    umm I'm gonna save Sydney's toothpaste pic. *blush*

  3. So you all have chicken breath? Wow! That's a mighty good life!

  4. You have a good mom to brush all of your teeth! Love the pic of Sydney! I also always love your nomming pictures. So cute!! I wonder if I would like cow ears.

    So glad to hear that Penelope got adopted!

  5. Chiken in a tube?!?! Wow! I'd steal that too!

    My little dehyraded duck foot I got last night looks like poop compared to that cow ear. Mom and I have to talk....

  6. That's a good idea for you all to take your treats to your special place. I bet if I had doggie sibs it would be tempting to try and get extra.

  7. Chicky toothpaste and cow ears, huh? I'm beginning to wonder again if I should have your mom reposes me... But then again, I do have a little rawhide and a bully stick right now. Mom gave me the bully stick 'cause she forgot she gave me the rawhide. *snickers*

  8. i iz so happy dat u bunny pal did gets a bun bun forever home. yay!

    i iz also glads u gotted u teef paste back frum dat sisfur of urs.

  9. I LOVE YOUR toothpaste story~!! hehe

    Just wanted to stop by and say THANK you for the birthday wishes :O) I would LOVE to send you a bunch of slices *handing you a plate filled high and you can BRUSH afterwards...... Your bunnies are so cute! you sure have a house full!

  10. HA HA! Luv thoze pix of U NOT nomming - the 1st one is like "do U mind" and 2nd one "well, I nevr...the nerve!" and 3rd is like "Aww, kome on - just LEEVE alreedy!"

    Thanx for the chuckles, Bad Andy