Saturday, February 27, 2010

Schooley's Mountain County Park/Columbia Trail (Morris County, NJ)

Mom did lots of contemplashuns over where to hike this weekend rite after the big snow storm and all. She did want to try out hers new snowshoos. So she figgered if'n we wented to Schooley's Mountain County Park rite by where the Columbia Trail is, wot is a flat rail trail where trains used to be, she would has opshuns just in case they woz needed. And they woz needed. The snows woz atween 10 and 15 inches deep.

As you can sees, I woz not laying down in the snows, I woz standing up! The snow comed up to my belleh! So we started out on the Columbia trail where the snow woz more like 10 inches and mom could get used to hers snowshoos.

OMD! Wot is this rite in the middle of the Columbia Trail? I shall gib it a good sniff...

Mebbe if'n I sniff a little higher...

Oh. Hai. (Pawsitive identificashun made: It's a snowman.)

So then mom woz getting very annoyed wif the snowshoos. She sayed she feeled like Bigfoot dragging around a ball and chain on each leg. It woz not funs. Plus coz she had to walk wif hers feets farther apart than normal, every time she would take a step wif her left foot, pain would shoot her in the back! So we wented back and ditched the snowshoos in the car. Mom does not knows if'n she should see if she can return them or if she should try again some udder time. But as it stands rite now, she is not terribully impressed wif them at all. Mebbe coz of hers back pwoblems she should not be doing the snowshoos. So we decided to walkie across the street from the pawking lot to Schooley's Mountain County Park and see if'n we could hike in the deep snows wifout mom hasing snowshoos on. She sayed it woz much better but it woz still hard and it woz very hard for me too so we only hiked 2.5 miles. But mom's back woz not owie at all wifout the snowshoos. Go figger.

We had to do wot is called "breaking the trail." I is not allowed to make anything brokened but I think breaking the trail woz OK coz I did not get in trubbuls. Mom sayed breaking the train means we woz the first ones to walk on it. See how the trail is not brokened afore me but it is ahind me coz I broked it?

Eggcept for where the bunny had brokened it afore me:

Isn't those some cute wittle bunny feets?

We climbed up the mountain and I had to wait for mom again.

There woz a seenik overlook at the top of the mountain:

So when we comed back down the mountain, we metted back up wif our pawprints from where we had started!

So mebbe since we had such a short hike today, mom mite take me down south where they has not had as much snows this time. Here is a nifty web site if'n you ever want to check to see how much snows is somplace: Recent Snowfall and Snow Depth Maps

Bai for now.


  1. Snow!

    I'm glad woo got out and enjoyed it fur us!

    Thanks sooooo furry much!


  2. I just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog. I'm sure I already told you but I'm saying it again. It makes us happy to read it.

  3. You sure are a great snow breaker Shawnee! We never had snow that deep before!

  4. wotta lotta snow. Four paws are better than two snowshoes anyday!

  5. Oh, it's too bad about your mom's snowshoes. Good to know tho. Looks like you were in some deep snow there. I can't believe you don't mind the snow on your tummy. Hope you got to go on another hike where there's less snow. You look so cute breaking the trail. :)

  6. Wow! Those snows are taller than my entire body, Shawnee! How did you make it through all of that for your hike?! Impressive, my former foster sis!

  7. Love the video. You walk so gracefully in the snow Shawnee.
    I wanna break the trail too! Hopefully..someday...
    Bunny! We saw a bunny the other day! Desert jackrabbit. Really tall.
    Snow is so beautiful...and so are you. :o)

  8. OMC dat snows iz almost az talls az u! & ur mom iz walkin on tops of it! I fink u needs sum of dem fancy snoshoos too!

  9. Were you offended when the snow touched your belly? I was. Tall dogs should NOT have snow tummy!