Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Blizzard Prize Package!

They rilly means is when they says "Thru rains and snows and sleets and hails, shall always come the US mails." We is hasing a blizzard and there on the front porch woz a package!

Wait a minit, this woz not for me. "SYDNEY! YOU HAS MAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sydney woz so eggsited that she gotted mails that she did an unauthorized viktory lap around the front yard in the blizzard:

So how comes my sis is getting a package you ask? Well she entered this howliday contesty wot Kokos Petspa (@KoKosPetSpa on Twitter) was hasing and her pikshur wonned second place!

Check out the loot she wonned:

Sydney woz so overwhelmed she did not knows where to begin so she grabbed hers new toy and runned around wif it in her mouf wif the label still on it:

Then Sydney modeled her new baf robe:

You werk it, gurl!

Oh see the look of joy of Sydney's face wot says "Can I nom some treats, please?"

So becoz I always share my pwizes wif my sisfurs, Sydney agreed to share her noms wif us.

Eggsept for I gotted a little too eager and intercepted one. Oops.

Sydney would luvs to does a demonstrashun of the Vitamin Pet Shower but you see, yesterday Sydney comed inside full of muds so she had a baf the day afore her pwize camed. The pikshur does not look so bad but trust me, the muds camooflodge in her furs and she hadded it all over hers belly and everything.

So she had to has a baf:

I just had a baf a cuppul of weeks ago after hiking when I looked like this: (That is pritty much wot Sydney looked like yesterday coz she woz laying in muds in her hidey spot unner the deck)

But Dixie needs a baf rilly bad (coz it's hers turn and she has not had one in a while). Today coz of the blizzard we might lose powah so we does not want to get Dixie all wet then has no heats or electrics to get hers dry. So as soon as we can, we will hook up the Vitamin Shower, gib Dixie a baf and let you knows all about it!

From Sydney: Thank you, KoKos Petspa for the wonnerful gifties and for the nice donashun to my rescue group! It is the same rescue group wot saved me and spented lots of monies to get me well and fixed up. I really liked my foster home and did not want to leave so my mom let me stay here furever! We will use your donashun to help anudder anipal to gets a furever home.


  1. Well done Sydney. What a good job the mail got through the blizzard

  2. way to go sydney. it wuz beary nice of u to share u pwaize wif ur sisfurs.

    and da part about da shelter gettin monies too iz PAWSUM!

    Yay fur U!!!

  3. uhh..umm...I think I'm in love...

  4. What a cool prize for Sydney! That bath robe is super neat. And you know I love the TOOOY!

    I'm glad she didn't have to have another bath. I bet the unauthorized victory lap was a blast, too!



  5. That is khwite the inkhredible pressie pakhkage!

    PeeEssWoo: So, did woo get LOTS of snow?!?

  6. Wowzer!! Look at all those prezies!! I'm quite impressed!!!