Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bunny Love

I had tolded you the udder day that our foster bunny Penelope had gotted hers furever home. This woz the pikshur of her getting-to-know-you wif her new brudder, Joey, on her furst day in her new home.

We woz hoping they would like each udder. Their mom and dad letted them visit through the bars then letted them visit togedder under strict supervishuns. They did not try to put the bitey on each udder so all woz going grate.

Then last nite we gotted more pikshurs. The new fambly growed some oat grass for the bunnies and they started nomming it togedder. See how nice they share?

We always felted sorry for Penelope coz she woz all alone all the time and we hoped she would enjoy libbing with anudder bunny. And we knowed that if'n they did not get along Penelope woz going to has to come back here. Well, after two weeks, everyone's wishes has come true. See for yourselfs! (Penelope would only put her back legs out like that when she woz very relaxed.)

Mom gets all leaky-eyed over this pikshur coz she is so happy for Penelope and they is just the cutest all snuggled up. So many peeples wanted to adopt Penelope but they woz not the rite homes. Most of them did not knows how to take proper care of a bunny and that is very impawtant so mom would not let them has her. And a lot of peeple wanted to adopt Penelope for their little chilluns. Bunnies is not toys for chilluns coz they can get hurt and be ded very easy. It taked seben months for the rite home to come along and it was werth waiting for.

If'n you hear of somebody saying they want to has a bunny, be shore to has them take this Interactive Bun test furst to be shore they is reddy to has a bunny. Bunnies suffer so much coz peeples does not take care of them rite. And that is not rite.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! This is just so wonderful! We are so happy that Penelope has such a wonderful new forever home. It was very nice to see her nomming the grass and snuggling with her new brother. We wish that more people were educated about bunnies. You are right. There are so many people that should not be able to have them. Thank you for giving your time, money and love to foster her. You are awesome!

    Lucy and Mama Vicki

    p.s. Yes, that was cool that the park asked about you and that they are going to fix that bridge. Well done!

  2. That is furry special to see!

    Mom had a few bunnies when she was in her teen years - she always enjoyed them!

    One of them was furry nice - Red a b/w dutch wabbit - her brother named him for the Cincinnati baseball team - Fluffy the schnauzer took good khare of keeping him around his khage -

    Fawn was a beaWOOtiful Belgian but she was nevFUR furry nice - Mom is still sad about her - she had to be let cross bekhause she must have gotten stung by something and then snapped her spinal khord bekhause she was limp with no motor skills but still doing the bunny twitch -

    Thanks fur letting the hoomans know bunnies are fur evFURRYone!


  3. Hurray hurray hurray for dat little bunny and her new home. Wot luvverly news for everyone! *nose twitch*

  4. *happy sniffles* I'm so, so happy for my former foster bunny! My new mom's eyes have been getting leaky, too, when she looks at the pictures of Penelope in her new house. It's so great that you found such a perfect new family for Penelope! She looks so happy there. *happy sniffles*

  5. somebody else is getting leaky eyed here. what a beautiful happy ending...thank you for posting this.
    But I have to admit I didn't know bunnies bite... well, ok, off to take the interactive test...

  6. Penelope is soooo cute! I know she will find a good home!

  7. Hiya Shawnee, U shure haf a wundurfurr blog! Beuutifurr pix & fun to reed adventures. So hapy UR buny got the rite home - Thanx UR mama 4 makin shure of dat.

    xoxox Bad Andy