Monday, February 15, 2010

Harriman State Park - Pine Meadow Lake (Sloatsburg, NY)

Isn't I the luckiest dog on earth? I gotted to go hiking again today coz it was a howliday (Presidents from the olden days birfdays), mom woz not sore from yesterday's hiking in the deep snows, and mom heared there was not as much snow farther north in Noo York. So off we wented.

See the mountain ahind me? That woz not the way we wented but that woz where we hiked last fall over by Claudius Smith's Den. Today we woz going in the opposite direkshun to Pine Meadow Lake in Harriman State Park. Turns out the snows woz just as deep as where we woz yesterday but... this park is so popular that so many peeples hiked here over the weekend and the trampled down all of the snows. All mom had to do woz put on her YakTrax and we woz good to go! It woz wonnerful hikings, so beeootiful and peaceful with the sounds of running waters nearby. We hiked 10 miles. Keep in mind as you is looking at these pikshurs that anudder big snow storm is coming in tonite. You would never think it by the looks of the bloo skies we had today.

So then we gotted to Pine Meadow Lake and it woz frozened, of course, like all the lakes is rite now.

We wented up this udder trail wot had a rilly steep climb. I had to wait on mom - she woz being very slow. But at the top woz a wonnerful seenik view.

We camed to this old ruin back at the lake where there woz a nice clear spot wif sunbeams and we taked a break there.

On our way back to the car we seened the most fantabulus icysickles!

I knows that looks coldie but no worries about mom and me being cold. As soon as we start moving, espeshully going up a mountain, we is both panting afore you knows it and mom is stowing her jacket away in her backpack even though it mite only be 30 degrees out! As long as we keeps moving, we stays warm. And sometimes I don't even has to be moving. See wot I did in my yard when we gotted home, BOL! The reflekshun of sunbeams off the white snows make them stronger so I gets a better tan.


  1. Shawnee -- your pics make me and Mom want to start hiking, too! We don't really have those mountains and scenic overlooks here, though. Illinois is pretty flat...

  2. Really good pictures today! The air was so crisp and not hazy. In my part of Virginia all the snow is gone and we aren't getting any tonight. It was 50 here today.

  3. I'm wondering when Mama is gonna get off her lazy butt and do one of the hikes.

    It looks like today was exceptionally beautiful. Your mom is lucky she got the day off. Mine didn't.

    I'm in awe of you sittin' with your bare bottom in the snow! I could never do that!

    Well, I'm glad you got to go on another hike today, especially cuz it was so pretty. I'm also glad you share the pretty views with us.


  4. wow...these pictures are really really beautiful...thank you!
    look at the icicles! I never seen one. Totally cool!
    Nice tan by the way *wink*
    think you're saying 'omm...omm...omm'
    right? heheh

  5. Mom is jealous of your tan! Her legs are the color of the snows right's scary. Trust me!

  6. What great pikhs!

    Woo get to go on the khoolest hikes!

    Thank woo fur sharing them!