Friday, February 26, 2010

Snowpocalypse Part 3? Part 4? (I lose count)

Well, here it be, anudder snowpocalypse. At 8 am this morning we had 9 inches. It is supposed to snow through tomorrow. We halped mom shubbul the deck so we would stop bringing all of the snows inside on our paws. But we could not shubbul it all coz it woz all ice unnerneath.

See, this is wot our yard looked like yesterday afore the snow so that is all ice now.

Then mom wented out front to shubbul the walk in case the postal man makes it here with mails. I wanted to go halp and I knocked on the door for mom to let me out.

Pawleeze mom, pawleeze let me out!!!!

Hehehehe. Mom letted me out but not the udders coz I not leaves the porch unless she tells me to.

We has to go in the back and halp the boy shubbul now, kbai.

Pee Ess: Mom played in the yard wif her snowshoos:

I think she be needing some flotashun attachments coz there still be big pudduls from the udder day unner the snows:

The snows is now down to seben inches, that is how fast it is melting and the sunbeams do be shining upon us. I dunno wot has happened to the rest of the snows we woz supposed to git.



    I might have gotten another inch or two BUT The Wind Fairy kept making it leave!

    Please enjoy it fur me!


  2. Soooooooo many snowfun :-)
    You are all looking very cool!!
    I see snow on doggie nose ..... LOL
    Maybe your Mommy can make a snowman
    Enjoy this weekend
    (Its here all gone ;)
    I'm waiting for spring .... LOL

  3. Hi Girls,
    We got snow too and a lot of it has already melted this afternoon. Dixie, I love the close-up pic of you with a little snow on your nose. Too cute! Your mom's snowshoes look cool. Maybe you two will go on a hike with them. Mama still says she's going to get some and go snowshoeing (something she's always want to do, even when we lived in California). Now that I look at your pics again, I think you all got more snow than we did. Enjoy!


  4. O.o Love Dixie's closeup!!! *nosekiss nosekiss nosekiss*
    hmm snowpocalypse...sounds rather ominous..
    I think snow make everything oh so pretty. :o)
    hey those snowshoes look fun!

  5. Shawnee, you and your mom are very special to me and to my mom. You have done so much for us.
    We love your beautiful blog, too.

    You are our Sunshine.
    For real =)

    Please drop by my blog when you have time and pick up your SUNSHINE.


  6. Hi Shawnee,

    Nice to meet you! We found your blog as we greeted Buttons happy 3rd month Anniversary.

    We hope we can also be friends and share adventures together.

    We invite you to visit our world.

    -Fudgie, Princess & the Piappies