Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Blizzard

So efurryone knows there woz a big blizzard on the East Coast yesterday. It woz supposed to be rilly bad so the day afore I stocked up on sunbeams. OK, I hoarded sunbeams just like peeples hoards bred and milk at the stores.

This woz wot the wevver peeples woz saying - that we would has "immobilizing" snows. I lives in the "immobilizing" part of the map where Storm 1 and Storm 2 woz going to crash togedder.

And then there woz this vershun of the map:

The bottom line is, we woz doomed.

So when we woked up yesterday morning it looked like this:

We losted powah a cuppul of times but it camed back on rite away.

In the afternoons it looked like this:

Then after the boy gotted done shubbeling for the thurd time, he runned around in the yard wif us.

So they is saying we gotted sebenteen inches of snows. When mom messured last nite it woz eleben inches. The snow woz really wet and hebby so mebbe it squished down some. I dunno. Anyways, today the sunbeams is back and the snows is starting to melt. This is today. Didn't the boy do a fine job shubbeling?


  1. 17 inches of snow?! EEK! That's 2 Shih Tzus high! I'm so lucky I moved to Illinois... (and not just 'cause of all of the toys)

  2. Sooo Cute the first photo
    I wish i could hug you
    meow ..meow..

    I see many snow Wow!!
    Enjoy you would love it !!!!
    (Its here also snowing again..again..again
    to many this year !!)

    ((hugs)) Kareltje =^.^=

  3. Oh, you are smart to hoarde the beams! i shoulda thought of that! It was fun to see you and your sisses running around in the snow having fun. We lost our power last night and we're told it won't come back until at least Friday at midnight! We are cold!!


    p.s. Yes, the boy did a great shubbeling job!

  4. Wasn't it SOOOO much fun?

    We had about that (maybe a bit more) and that was on top of last weekend's 24" snow!


    PeeEssWoo: I hope he got some good treats fur that good shubbeling!

  5. you sunbeam hoarder? BOL BOL Here I am forever looking for shade.
    screwed or not the snow makes really beautiful pictures :o)
    Mail me some pleeeease....
    I wanna shovel snow! *woof* is it fun?

  6. Wow, we're not getting that much! I think people would set their homes on fire if that happened here!

    Mom likes your weather map btw. :)

    Have fun in the snows!