Sunday, February 7, 2010

High Mountain Preserve Park (Wayne, NJ)

So we woz back to hiking today. Mom's back gotted better but not good enuff and the chirovet halped lots but woz not making it all the way better fast enuff so mom called the hooman V-E-T and gotted some pills wot is like Rimadyl but for peeples. That maded her back good enuff to go hiking. But then we had to wait and see wot that big snow storm woz going to do. Turns out we woz at the edge of the storm and only gotted 2 inches. Boris and Khyra in Pencilvania gotted a lot of the snows from that storm. And coz we woz at the edge of the storm, we gotted the most beeootiful sunset last nite.

To the left of the pikshur it was dark, dark gray skies where the snows woz.

So anyways, up north they gotted no snows at all so we wented to High Mountain Preserve Park and hiked almost 7 miles. Any snows you sees on the ground was old snows from afore and there woz not very much of that.

We had to climb up the mountain coz there woz a surpwize at the top. So we wented up...

And up some more...

And then thru the twees we gotted a preview - does you know wot that is?

That is the Noo York City skyline!

We gotted up a little higher and here I is on a rawk wif the skyline ahind me:

They say you can see the oshun from here but the sun woz in our eyeballs so we could not see big waters. And we could not stay on top of the mountain for long coz the wind was bitter cold and whipping us around - see how I cannot hold my ears up in the winds? The wind chillz woz horribul so we had to hurry and get down off the mountain into the valley where the winds could not get us so frozened cold.

Down in the valley we sawed this pile of rawks wif a cross and flag. We did not knows wot it woz for but we hadded a moment of silence just in case that woz appropriate.

We always like it when we come across a herd of pine twees coz it puts some colors into the dead winter seenery.

So that woz our hike for today.


  1. I always love reading about your hikes!

  2. I love that picture of you with the New York skyline. What a view. Another great hike. I always feel like we were in on it with you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm glad you didn't get deep snows and could go hiking this weekend! Happy to hear that my foster mom's back is feeling better now, too. Yeah!

    I can't believe you saw New York City! That's very cool. Mom wants to go there...but only 'cause they have a big M&M store there...

  4. Glad your mom feels better enough to go hiking again! I love ur pictures and stories! *hughug* for mom and you, Shawnee! xoxo

  5. Furry nice sky pikh to open the post!

    Mom had a flash bakhk from the skyline shot -

    Year and years ago, she was in Mahwah fur a week fur some training - each afternoon going bakhk to the motel she used to see the skyline and think it was The Emerald Ciy!

    Thank woo fur sharing your hike - I wish woo khould khome and hike in my SNOW!

    PeeEssWoo: Take good khare of your mom and her bakhk!

  6. Thanks for sharing your hike. I can't believe you only got 2 inches! Your sunset was really pretty. Amazingly, we had a sunset too. It started to clear up right before the sun set. Glad your mom's back was a bit better. We hope it heals completely!


    p.s. Loved the NY skyline!

  7. can see New York??? That's so cool! *woof woof woof*
    mom always says she wants to go to central park with me.
    oh here's special *nosekiss* for your mom.
    special *nosekiss*

  8. What a cool view from up there! Worth the climb for sure. :)