Friday, February 5, 2010

We Gotted FURminated!

I wonned a FURminator at a Twitter pawpawty (@FURminator_Inc) and the Fedex guy bringed it to my howse today!

Dixie has been shedding rilly, rilly bad so I letted her go first. (Sides, why should I be the Guinea piggie - that is wot I has sisfurs for BOL!) When mom combs Dixie, she puts up with it for a bit then Dixie says "You tutch me wif that comb again and I is calling PETA" then she runs away. So Dixie woz not rilly thrilled when mom started wif the FURminator but all of a suddens, look wot happened:

Dixie was lubbing it! OMD, I could not believes it. She lubbed it so much she letted mom git all of these furs out of her. I is surprised there is still a Dixie left!

OK, so then it woz Sydney's turn. I woz still not convinced. Sydney is such a clown. She always rolls belly up so mom can't comb her. Well, look wot happened when Sydney got FURminated:

OMD, she falled aleep! That has never happened afore. Here is all of the furs mom got out of Sydney. She woz not shedding as bad as Dixie.

Sydney woz trying to roll in her furs in the pikshur - gess she wanted mom to FURminate her again. But no, it woz MY turn and I decided mom could FURminate me while I woz sitting in her lap. (That woz for sekurity just in case I woz not liking it.)

But I did, I liked it! And I woz not shedding bad (not too offen we can say that coz being a shepherd I usually sheds all the times) but mom gotted more out than she thought she would.

The conclushun: We agrees unanimussly that we lubs being FURminated! Thank you FURminator, Inc!


  1. Me and mama were both LOL'ing. Love the picture of Dixie oohing and ahhhing. We have a knock-off furminator because Mama is too cheap to pay full price. Love the last pic of you girls.

    Shawnee, I think we're in for some snow this weekend. You probably won't go hiking, but I hope you have a great weekend anyway!


  2. BOL! That pile of furs from Dixie looks like it's as big as I am!

    I think I'd only like the furminator thingy if it squeaked.

  3. Wow! Looks like that works real good! Mommy is impressed! She wants to know if it is electric or battery or something.

  4. BOL BOL Sydney fell asleep! it's the magic of furminator. I loooooove getting furminated too *woof*
    congrats on winning the cool prize!

  5. Wish I had taken pictures of the fur pile from my brother Goliath. He is also very ticklish so the Furrminator was great for him.

  6. Those are some furry furry impressive Starter Kits!

    Is that where puppies khome from?


  7. Man, you guys are lucky. As a border terrier I haz to be stripped. Yup, that do be right. They pulls out me fur by hand in big lumps. I hadded it this weekend, just in time for snows to come back. So nows I am cold AND cross! Grrr