Friday, February 12, 2010

Dixie Gets a Baf

So the udder day I showed you the pwizes my sis Sydney wonned from KoKos Petspa. One of the pwizes woz a Vitamin Pet Shower but Sydney alreddy had a baf the day afore and I had one a cuppul of weeks ago coz we both gotted full of muds. So by unanimalous vote, Dixie woz elected to does a demonstrashun.

So wot this Vitamin Shower does is it sends the waters through a vitamin C filter wot takes out icky chlorine and chloramines wot is not good for your furs. It is supposed to help wif itchies and flaky skins. Dixie has flaky skins so this is purfect for her.

So you is supposed to hook it up in your baftub or shower. We has a grooming tub for dogs in the basement for when we needs to give bafs to dogs wot comes out of the shelter wif shelter cooties on them. So mom taked off the udder skwurter thingie and putted the Vitamin one on.

It woz very easy and it werked on the first try - no leakies or drippies. Mom was very happy bout that.

Then Dixie gotted in the tub.

And mom made her furs wet

Dixie noticed rite away that the foaming akshun of the shampoos woz much better than afore. Even tho she was doity, the sudz was thicker than it usually is.

Then the soaps got washed off

And Dixie even gotten the komplimentary massage with the massage setting!

Usually our furs is stiff and hard when the shampoos is washed off afore mom puts condishuner on us. But wif the Vitamin C shower, Dixie's furs woz soft! She noticed the difference rite away.

Now we is all clean and Sydney and I will has the Vitamin shower when we needs bafs again. It is for peeples too so I think mebbe mom should try it.


  1. Its
    at your place
    I want also a shower ....... LOL

    Have a romantic valentine weekend

    ((hugs)) Kareltje =^.^=

  2. Vitamin shower sounds pawsome. I love bath *woof*
    Dixie looks so cute in her bathrobe. heheheh
    umm..what is kittie crunchie???

  3. *GASP*
    Poor Dixie looks so scared in the tub pic.. I had to close my eyes for the rest....

  4. YUMMERS! Kitty crunchies! Around here we call them 'kitty rocha'! We is thinking that you have a furry nice spa there fur you's bafs☺

  5. Your blogs are way better than those stupid commercials on TV. I want one of those showers now and I haven't had a bath since I was a little puppy.

  6. I love Dixie's bathrobe. Somehow we missed your post of Sydney winning all those prizes so we just looked at it now. I think it's because we lost our power for almost 24 hours. Anyway, I'm glad your furs are super soft and clean now. I'm also glad you got to crunch some kitty crunchies. They're the best!


    p.s. Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. That's a great pic of you and Dixie sitting together so pretty!

    I gotta say that even though the new vitamin shower helped get Dixie's furs soft, I am not interested. Shower = bath = baaaad.

    But the towel looks cool. Does it by any chance have a squeaky in the top?

  8. Wishing you a Valentine's Day
    filled with love
    and the tender sound
    of a voice that gives you comfort.....

    Happy Valentine's Day :-)

    ((hugs)) Kareltje =^.^=

  9. That bathroom makes me arrrooooo!!! Too cute :) That shower is going to help all your fosters look so fab for their adopters!!! Congratulations! So nice of Sydney to share :)

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